...and a new year has begun

...and a new year has begun

Jan 2, 2012. | By: Eckard Riedenklau

The most recent development is an accepted paper for the TEI2012 conference, which will take place in Kingston, Ontario, Canada from February 19th till 22nd. The title is “An integrated multi-modal actuated Tangible User Interface for distributed collaborative planning”. I’m really looking forward to this trip, since I already know that I will meet friends, I made last year in Orlando. Furthermore I will have the opportunity to visit former fellow students and friends from Bielefeld who moved to Montreal.

This year will also be my last year as a grant holder for my PhD. So I’m going to finish my thesis in the course of 2012. If everything goes right, there will be at least one journal paper submission this year.

2012 will be again a year full of work (I think there won’t be any more years with less things to do). But I’m sure I will have enough motivation to cope with all this. :-)

Happy new year and all the best for 2012, Eckard


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