Preparing for ICAD2010 + Publication of student project

Preparing for ICAD2010 + Publication of student project

Jun 8, 2010. | By: Eckard Riedenklau

To prepare for ICAD2010 in Washington D.C. I created a research page on the web page of our research group: TAOs Here I collect all information about this research project.

A group of students created an Interactive Mobile Steat (IMS) in the winter term 2009/10, based on the TAO architecture. Although creating hardware is tricky and time consuming, they did a really great job! BTW: They continue working together in a second project where again the TAOs play a central role. So stay tuned!

As already posted, my first official article (as first author) about the TAOs “Tangible Active Objects and Interactive Sonification as a Scatter Plot Alternative for the Visually Impaired” was submitted to the ICAD2010 and accepted. So I’m preparing for the flight on Thursday and my talk on Friday. ;-)


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