Ohrenblicke podcast features Interactive Auditory Scatter plot

Ohrenblicke podcast features Interactive Auditory Scatter plot

May 9, 2011. | By: Eckard Riedenklau

Last year Siegfried Saerberg visited us in Bielefeld (again, thank you very much for your visit and for featuring us!). Mr. Saerberg is project manager of Blinde und Kunst e.V. (society for the blind and art) and wanted to interview my supervisor Dr. Thomas Hermann and myself for the podcast Ohrenblicke (ear sights). The topic of the current issue is “About witches’s brooms, graphs, and solar winds - sonification in our everyday life, arts, and sciences” and also Tony Stockman and Robert Alexander get featured. The issue covers several sonifications, including my Interactive Auditory Scatter plot (IAS).

You can find the podcast under this link (german only).



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